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Indigo Ocho

4.4 ( 1904 ratings )
Games Amusement Avontuur Arcade
Developer: Axolotl Studios
0.99 USD

Join in the adventures of Indigo Ocho - the 8-ball on a quest to destroy a labyrinthine tower threatening to wreak havoc on the human world.

Play this fast and compelling 3D adventure as Indigo detonates atomic balls and brings the only world he knows crashing down to save another.

* Use the iPhones accelerometer to roll Indigo through 35 levels of increasing difficulty.
* Great 3D graphics!
* Destroy each level without getting trapped.
* Detonate atomic balls by smashing them into each other.
* Save and load games and track your high scores
* Enjoy Indigo Ochos free maze mode with hundreds of puzzle options

If you enjoyed BiiBall, BiiBall Lite, Crazy Tanks, BiiPlane, or Wooden Labyrinth youll love Indigo Ocho!


".. Axolotl Studios have just released .. Indigo Ocho, and as first impressions go, they’ve made a good one. .. Overall, Indigo Ocho presents a fun, well-presented and challenging game"

"Indigo Ocho: Maze Game With Style ..
Indigo Ocho is definitely fun, and the graphics are lovely.".

"Es un juego bastante adictivo y que te haces con su sistema de juego con mucha facilidad."
-- mcleot,

App Store Reviews

"Numero Uno When It Comes to Crazy Mazes"
-- AlbieOne
"This game is fantastic! There is nothing else like it on the app store right now."
-- rpb1975
"Fast, Fun, Fantastic"
"It is by far one of my favorite iPod touch games!"
-- Generic Nickname#93481
"If you like maze games then give this one a try, you will not be disappointed!"
-- nickels55